Founder | ecommerce | UX/UI

Brand creation, user research, art direction, website creation, products choice, marketing, sells...

Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Prestashop

Snowflakes is a personal project. It is a jewelry brand that I created from scratch. Having carried out my first year of working experience with a jewelry designer, I got truly inspired to create my own brand soon after that. I enjoyed the challenge of getting myself involved with the creation of the business plan, the selection of products, the creative strategy and the website design. I am very excited by this new entrepreneurial journey and getting everything ready for a summer launch. Stay tuned!

I first carried out a target audience analysis by posting a short survey on different Facebook groups where I obtained about 300 responses. This questionnaire comforted me in the product selection I had made and also gave me some valuable insights on other strategic points. I then ran an ideation workshop to define what site functionalities would be relevant to my brand, and to help me create the site tree. I was able to produce some solid wireframes off the back of these activities. I chose Prestashop to build my new website as it’s a CMS I’m comfortable with. I bought a theme that I could modify as I wished, using my knowledge of HTML and CSS.

300 answers | From A to Z | In 3 months